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Our approach has been tested by a variety of Fortune top 1000 companies, diplomatic missions and international organizations (including IBM, FIFA and the UN). Generous academic support allows us to partner to various educational companies and  offer free coaching programs blending both classic Swiss scientific traditions and exclusive cultural management studies. Such interdisciplinary strategy gives our members significant competitive advantage in the globalized executive world. The Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy is also a community of donors who work together to inspire new, emerging and current philanthropists to donate some results of their research to shape innovative education. Our Scientific Philanthropists act both as donors and advisors to ensure our members reach breakthroughs that fuel globalization and information-driven economy of the 21st century.

Our Scientific Philanthropists


Mr.Huib Wursten (MBA,Netherlands)

Mr. Huib Wursten (MBA, Netherlands) Mr. Huib Wursten (MBA, Netherlands) was a Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy Academic and Research Advisor. Huib is an internationally recognized expert in how to align international teams. His (2020) book “The 7 Mental images of National Culture: Leading and Managing in a Globalized World” is highly appreciated by international businesses. Since 1989 Huib  has been working in this field with Fortune's top 1000 companies and private organizations in 85 countries on all continents. He did this in the business sector with companies such as IBM, 3M, McCain, Quest, Texaco, Vodafone, ABN AMRO, JP MorganChase, Nike and Unilever.  In the public sector, he has consulted the IMF in Washington D.C , The World Bank Group in Washington D.C, the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Europol, UNDP, Council of Europe, and the Dutch peacekeeping forces. In his work with worldwide organizations, Huib has developed a tool to differentiate seven fundamentally different cultural “grammar systems” with different preferences for political behavior, societal arrangements, educational systems, leadership styles, business approaches, and even different approaches to sports. He has published 25 well-respected argumentative and innovative papers on international cooperation. One is the award-winning: “Mental Images. The influence of culture on (economic) policies” (1997). ( A Honorary Member).

Dr. Hamid Doost Mohammadian (PhD) is a Professor for international management and sustainability. He is the director for international management and head of FHM German Institute of SMEs (F-GISI) at the University of Applied Sciences (FHM) in Germany. He is also an external Professor and supervisor at the TU-Campus EUREF gGmbH (TU Berlin) in the field of sustainable business, building, energy, mobility, and engineering management. Dr. Hamid Doost Mohammadian is a visiting professor at Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) in Berlin and PhD supervisor/examiner of FHM joint doctoral programs powered by two British State Universities. In addition, he is a Professor and Board Member at London Institute of Skills Development (LISD), UK. Since 2017, he has been contributing as an academic leader to the Erasmus + project named: “”Internet of Energy (IoE)-Education/Qualification” in Germany. He is a futurist and  theoretician for the 5th Wave/Tomorrow Age Theory, i-Sustainability Plus Theory and DCT (Doost Cultural Theory). He has invented, introduced, and developed several models, concepts, and methods in Hybrid Knowledge which were reflected in several books and scientific articles. Professor Dr Mohammadian held has undertaken more than 450 speeches, workshops, and webinars, . He has participated in various international conferences, dedicated to sustainability, culture, management, CSR, blue-green economy, entrepreneurship, innovation, and digitalization. Finally, he is  a writer , a conference chairman, keynote speaker and member of the editorial board at of more than 15 high ranked international scientific journals, including Swiss and US ones.

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Dr.Hamid Doost Mohammadian

(PhD, Germany)

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