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Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy issues prestigious graduation Certificates. It is a valuable endorsement to add to your CV, job application or further education. Additionally, recommendation letters, references and letters of support could be issued in partnership with SICD Education Consortium (Great Britain), Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (Switzerland), British Protocol Academy (Great Britain) and The Diplomatic Society of St. Gabriel (USA) on a personal basis. Please, note , that the new Certificates also contain the seal , the name of our academic advisor and a detailed description of the course, webinar, masterclass, lecture or  apprenticeship attended.

Read the Testimonials 

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“Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy works actively and successfully, recognizing both differences and similarities among cultural groups in order to effectively engage people of different views in peaceful educational process. I wish the Institute every success and prosperity”.

Tinatin Tsereteli, PhD

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