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 International Journal of Education, Culture and Diplomacy

Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy officially launched the International Journal of Education, Cultural and  Diplomacy and our FIRST ISSUE is ready now! (powered by the Scientific Board of Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy and the Chief Editor of the Journal Mr. Huib Wursten ). It intends to further the progress of science in the field of executive and cross-cultural education and innovation. The journal not only reports on new researches into a wide range of scientific fields but also features exclusive interviews, partner articles, and materials of and concerning international conferences. We are proud to introduce our first contributors (me including, later on)


Huib Wursten: Reflections on Culture, Art, and Artists in Contemporary Society:


Jan Vincent Meertens: A Journey to Macondo. Will outside readers ever be truly able to crawl under the skin of the author, challenging their own cultural preconceptions? :


Arthur d' Ansembourg: In search for a philosophy of African art:


Carel Jacobs: The vulnerable human being. A cultural anthropological study on life and work of Vincent van  Gogh:


Eric Alexander de Groot: Culture and The Art Market:


Keep up to date with the developments in your field, direct your research and build your professional success with us. To contribute or partner, please, contact us.

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